Upholstery Demo – two chair make-overs

oak chair photos

A finished chair seat and progress on an office chair make-over were the result of  last Friday’s upholstery demonstration during Livingston’s downtown Art Walk.

swivel chair seat with dilapidated foam to be replaced

The office chair seat in the process of stripping – only the old foam remains

woman fitting foam over chair seat

Dani prepares to mark and cut a piece of latex foam for the office chair seat

upholstery students, teacher and spectators

Nearing the end – the office chair has new foam glued on & Dani pins fabric to the chair back to see how the pattern looks

Kyra worked on her own vintage oak chair, replacing the old cracked and dry leather seat covering with a luminous blue silk. We used a thicker padding for added comfort.

upholstery demo - using the staple remover

Kyra uses a handy upholstery tool to remove staples from her chair seat covering

upholstery demo - detail view of staple remover tool in action

The staple-remover in action

people at work on their upholstery projects

Kyra staples her silk chair cover while Carla helps Dani with the office chair

oak chair photos

Kyra’s chair – before & after

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