‘Stow-Away’ Ottoman

storage ottoman - partially opened position

Label: "The Original Stow-Away Hassock" by Barnettstorage ottoman in closed positionstorae ottoman in open position

The label reads: ” The Original Stow-Away Hassock by Barnett” – with four different open positions. Available for purchase by our clients or students. For students, this qualifies for a ‘Beginner Level Workshop’.
Contact Carla for pricing and details.

  1. C MitchellC Mitchell08-13-2015

    I just found one of these in my mothers basement, any idea what its worth, we will have an estate sale later on….Thanks for input!

  2. CarlaCarla08-13-2015

    Hi there! The value is really dependent on the condition of the piece, the color, and where you are located. Here in Montana, something like this ottoman in this yellow-green color might fetch $15-20 at an estate sale. If it’s a more appealing color, and say you’re located in Florida, for example, it would probably be worth more. Good luck with your sale!

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