Danish Modern DUX chair

mid-century chair & ottoman

A classic mid-century chair style, with clean lines and beautiful wood accents

  1. Alison PollackAlison Pollack02-24-2013

    Hi Carla – My parents have one of these Danish modern Dux chairs, with ottoman. Can you tell me how much it’s worth? I need support to have them keep it in the family. Thank you! I appreciate your time. Kind regards,

  2. CarlaCarla02-26-2013

    Hi Alison,
    If it has a tag on it, or any kind of emblem or mark of identification, this increases the value. However, even with out any marks, this style is currently in high demand. It’s difficult to put a value on something since it depends on your location and the demand in your area. I recommend doing a web search to see what sellers are asking in your area. I found a 1960S DUX FOLKE OHLSSON DANISH MODERN LOUNGE CHAIR on eBay today – asking $1200 for the chair only. What is the provenance of the piece? In other words, is there a story behind how your family came into possession of it? This also can affect the value. You may have a rare gem in your family, and I recommend keeping it! I hope this helps, Carla

  3. Alison PollackAlison Pollack03-11-2013

    Thank you, Carla! It does help 🙂 I will do that research and look forward to keeping that chair!
    Kind regards, A.

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