Danish Modern Sofa – Adrian Pearsall

Adrian Pearsall Danish Modern Sofa

This “Jetsons” retro modern sofa (probably an Adrian Pearsall Gondola design) features classic streamlined mid-century styling. Clean lines and attractive wood accents date this beauty to the 50’s era.

Adrian Pearsall sleek mcm sofa with mahogany wood accents

Adrian Pearsall style danish modern sofa

This sofa is no longer available. Please note that we occasionally come into possession of unique furniture items and make them available for purchase by our students and clients only. We do not sell ‘As-is’ items. See our Design Your Own Gallery page for items that are currently in stock.

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  1. Nancy WhiteNancy White08-21-2012

    I owned this sofa for 25 years and miss it terribly. Was unable to keep it when I did a cross country move. Any suggestions where to begin the search and how much I should expect to pay. Thanks, Nancy

  2. CarlaCarla08-21-2012

    Hi Nancy,
    This sofa was sold ‘as-is’ (in need of complete re-upholstery) for around $1400 (including shipping). The price of this style of sofa will depend on your location and whether you are having it shipped or buying it locally. If it’s in need of re-upholstery, geographic location and condition will determine your cost. Upholstery is a very labor-intensive craft, and a sofa like this will likely cost $1500+ to reupholster, depending on your choice of fabric and the condition of the padding underneath.
    Thanks for your question!

  3. RaquelRaquel05-02-2013

    Is this still for sale?

  4. Carla PyleCarla Pyle05-03-2013

    Hi Raquel,
    Sorry, this sofa is no longer available. Thanks for asking!

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