What is Railroaded Fabric?

Rairoaded Fabric Feat

What does Railroading refer to when used to describe Upholstery Fabric? It’s a term you might run across when buying fabric for a home decor project, and here’s what it means in upholstery lingo:

It refers to the orientation of a fabric’s pattern or nap (directional weave) on the fabric bolt.

Most home decor fabrics that you’ll run into are oriented ‘up the roll’, like this:

Railroaded fabric made simple


In some fabrics (this is less common), the pattern is oriented to accommodate wide applications, such as upholstery on a long sofa – without seams. This is called a railroaded fabric, and is identified with a graphic like this:

'railroaded' fabric vs 'up the roll'

If we use a striped fabric as an example, the railroad reference becomes obvious (like ties running crosswise to the tracks):

striped fabric looks like railroad ties

Here’s that same striped fabric shown with the pattern running up the roll:

striped fabric will not fit across the sofa back without a seam

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fabric buying tips infographic

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