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Considering taking an online class? It’s a great way to expand your knowledge from the comfort of your own home (in your pajamas, even)! As I work on my NEW ‘Bodacious Box Cushions’ e-Course, I’ve been getting to know several other creative professionals who are sharing their knowledge through e-courses this winter and throughout the year. Check out the list below – maybe you’ll find one that’s just right for you. Juice your creativity with virtual learning, and gain a skill that will last your lifetime!

Upholstery instructor demonstrating technique

Video demonstrations & daily lessons provide rich content for online classes. Photo of upholstery demonstration with Carla Pyle of Living Home Furniture by

Online Courses for Artists:

Make Monotypes – six weeks to master printmaking without a press
Instructor Linda Germain takes students beyond the press with her unique printmaking techniques

Creative Spark ecourse – ignite your inner artist
Think you’re not an artist? Prepare to surprise yourself! Tara Leaver hales from the UK, and her super personality brings a unique ‘spark’ to her teaching style!

Unearth, Gather, Create – Make Art that Resonates Gillian Lee Smith of Scotland leads you through a unique process that will help you tell your story and express your own particular nature through your creations.

Bodacious Box Cushions! An Adventure in Sewing & Design Inspiration for your Home
Instructor: Carla Pyle (that’s me). If you’re looking for a bit of creative challenge beyond just learning to make a boxed & corded cushion, you’ll enjoy the exploration of fabric and color in this class. Registration opens in March, 2014.

Paint Something Beautiful – A Beginner’s e-course
Malini Parker of Australia will take you through the whole she-bang of making your own paintings, starting from the very basics, to creating lovely, textured, abstract pieces.

Online Courses for Upholstery:

Upholstery Knockouts
I love Shelly Leer’s chic style (check out her Mod Legs!) and friendly manner – she really rocks it in her Indianapolis studio!

Bodacious Box Cushions! A Beginning DIY Upholstery eCourse
Want to voice your individuality through your furniture? Infuse yor work with your personal story to create something that is uniquely ‘you’. Looking for alternative (organic or non-toxic) materials for you project? You’ll learn resources and techniques for these as well as ‘conventional’ materials in all of my e-courses.

Have you taken an online arts or upholstery class that you loved? We’d like to hear about your experience!


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