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cushions & 3 different chair styles

Take the first step in learning how to upholster your own chair…

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Do you have an old favorite chair that you’ve been wanting to refurbish or update with a new fabric, but just don’t know where to begin?

upholstery instructor Carla Pyle helps a student measure her chair

Instructor Carla Pyle helps a student with measuring her chair

Bring your own personal chair or cushion project to this class to discover its true potential. Learn how to measure and choose your fabric, and how to evaluate what your chair needs in terms of cleaning, repairs and upholstery padding replacement.

What’s Your Project?

three chair styles & cushions

Examples of chair & cushion styles – What does your project look like?

What the class is about: Participants receive hands-on instruction from Upholstery Instructor Carla Pyle, personalized to your particular project

  • Learn how to measure your chair or cushion to determine how much fabric it will take to re-cover it
  • Take home a customized fabric layout chart for your project which you can use when selecting fabric and as a fabric cutting reference when you are ready to begin upholstering your piece
  • Learn  how to evaluate your project to determine any repairs, wood refinishing or foam replacement
  • Learn which Living Home Furniture Upholstery Class level your project fits into
  • Learn what tools are used in the next step, the deconstruction phase of restoration
  • And have FUN in the process!
dressmaker's tape measures on chair seat

students receive step-by-step measuring instructions

We provide:

  • instruction in how to evaluate your project’s condition (eg. chair frame, upholstery or cushion)
  • classroom tools and handouts for measuring your project to determine how much fabric to buy
  • a customized fabric layout chart for your particular project
  • a rough estimate of the time you can expect your project to take, the tools you will need to get started
  • a 15% student discount on all fabrics & materials offered through our studio

You provide:

  • your own chair or cushion project

‘Discovery Class’ Schedule

We have recently begun to incorporate this class into our Workshop offerings as a Prep Class, eliminating the need to register for a separate class. However, if you are not ready to take a workshop, and would like to schedule this class to learn how to measure and evaluate your project, or to get help on something you’ve started at home, contact Carla to schedule a time.

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