“Got a Match?” Furniture Quick Fix

loose screw in wood block with match stick

Are you handy with a screwdriver, but sometimes find the screw you’re trying to tighten has just outstripped its original place in the wood, and just turns forever without tightening? Here’s a quick fix that works well in repairing vintage furniture with limited options for drilling a new hole:

loose screw in wood block with match stick

1. poke the butt-end of a wooden match into the existing hole and mark where it stops flush with the surface

matchstick in wood block with marking pencil

2. pull the match stick out and cut it off at your mark

wood block with matchstick marked for cutting

cutting the matchstick

3. squeeze a drop or two of wood glue into the hole

glue bottle & wood block

4. set the cut match stick end back in the hole with the glue

5. tighten the screw firmly into place and let the glue dry

tightening screw in wood block with matchstick & glue for a tight fit
6. VOILA! a tight fit that will last – your chair arm, leg or seat joint is now ready for its new life!

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