Go-Wild! Chair Workshop

Muddy-Paws fabric, tissue & paint art chair by Carla Pyle
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fabric-wrapped art-chair party

Leslie applies home-made lavender glue to a fabric-wrapped detail on her chair.

Before & After Fabric-wrapped Shabby Chic Chair

Transform any chair from drab to fab – how about Shabby Chic!

Jill applies Lavender Glue to her Fabric-wrapped Chair in Class

Jill wrapped her chair in a flowery fabric from Mexico (image:

Transform your old desk chair, bar chair or dining chair into a work of art! In this class we’ll take your chair from faded to fabulous with painting + fabric & paper collage.

Tissue, Thread & Fabric-wrapped Horse Chair

Choose, images, tissue paper, threads & fabrics to decorate your chair

Chair party! Sequins, paint, fabric and your imagination - all you need to create your own art chair!

“I love the collaborative learning part of this class – you get ideas you wouldn’t think of working all by yourself!” (image:

For more ideas see a this post from a previous art-chair workshop.

Fabric-wrapped Chair with Leaf Design by Carla Pyle

Use photocopies like this leaf design from the book ‘Leaves in Myth, Magic & Medicine’, by Alice Thoms Vitale

fabric strips ready to be wrapped in art-chair class

Two finished chairs show one way you can wrap fabric strips on your chair

Anastasia works on her tissue-wrapped Jewelry Rack from an upcycled chair back

Anastasia covered her chair-back jewelry display in bright multi-colored tissue paper

Uses for a broken dining chair: jewelry rack or scarf hanger

Even broken chairs can find new life – as a jewelry or scarf display

Muddy-Paws fabric wrap art chair by Carla Pyle

‘Muddy Paws’ – wrapped with tissue paper, fabric & paint. Add magazine clippings, photographs + your imagination and… Anything’s possible!

Class Description: 

Got a tired old chair that needs a little pick-me-up? Here’s your chance to transform your old desk chair, bar chair or dining chair into a work of art! In this class we’ll take your chair from faded to fabulous with painting + fabric & paper collage. 

  • You’ll get the recipe & learn how to make homemade lavender glue (non-toxic and smells nice too!) 
  • Simple slip-seat upholstery techniques will be covered if needed. 
  • You can paint right on your upholstery, paint a separate piece of fabric to staple on the seat, or wrap your chair frame in lovely colors, fabric & pictures. Or all of the above! 

Go wild and explore your creative muse! We’ll work quickly to avoid over-thinking the result – this will be an exercise in spontaneity. One of the best things about this class is the infusion of brainstorming & idea-sharing with others in the class. You’ll be swept up in the collaborative energy of the workspace. We look forward to incorporating your unique creative spirit!

Registration Details

When: Sunday, September 18, 2016  11 am – 2 pm
Where: Paper Airplane Designs, 111 W Callender
Class Size: 6
Cost: $45 – including materials. You are also encouraged to bring any items that inspire that you can use to personalize your project. This class is filling up fast, so reserve your space soon! Register here.

Materials provided: fabric to paint, fabric scraps, colored tissue paper, magazine clippings, lavender glue (& recipe to make your own), sharpies, paint & paint brushes.

What kind of chair should I bring? There are SO many different kinds of chairs, so let’s try to narrow it down a bit: for a 3-hour class, you probably want to keep it pretty simple. That’s why we suggest a dining chair, bar chair or desk chair. But maybe you have a bigger chair that you think you can do in that time-frame, or a totally off-the-wall idea that you want to bring. Just send a photo and let’s see what we can do! (see Carla’s contact info below)

Don’t have a chair? Let us know and we’ll have one available for you to take home for $5-15. 

Not sure if your chair ‘fits’ the class? Email carla(at)livinghomefurniture(dot)com, or text a photo to Carla (406.223.3834) for a quick answer (in your text, be sure to include your name and ‘Paper Airplane Class’ in your message).

Woo Hoo! Looking  forward to meeting you and having some fun!


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