Edward Wormley Drexel Precedent Chair (available)

wood open arm chair with silk leaf upholstery
before-after chair with silk aspen leaf design

Edward Wormley Drexel Precedent chair restored with Carla Pyle’s signature silk leaf design

In 1947, Edward Wormley brought his creative talents to the Drexel Heritage furniture company to create Precedent. The collection was called Precedent because “it promised to set so many bright new standards in contemporary living.” It is noted for its superb joinery and beautiful woods such as bleached mahogany, silver elm and beechwood. Wormley created 100 pieces for Precedent, priding the collection with convenience, style, fine craftsmanship, and a great value for every home.

Wormley’s style embodied the essence of modern design combined with tradition. He was able to interpret the modern into a style that became predominant from the 40s through the 60s. He was considered by many to be unique in his ability to create such a fresh and modern outlook, while preserving cherished elements from the past.

This chair came into Carla’s studio with worn upholstery and finish, and a sound frame. The wood has been refinished by Carla’s husband, Chandler, with eco-friendly 100% natural tung oil & beeswax. Carla’s one-of-a-kind appliquéd aspen leaf design graces the silk upholstery. It is available for purchase through Cello Gallery in Bozeman, MT.

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