Dining Chair Upholstery Workshop

3 examples of upholstered slip seats

Learn how to re-upholster your old tired Dining Chair seats!

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Before & After: old chair transformed with new black paint & silver upholstery

Find out the tips & tricks that will guarantee a professional-looking result and give you the skills to transform all your chairs at home to like-new condition.

participants at work

Instructor Carla Pyle helps a participant take measurements in a workshop

“What is a slip seat?” A slip seat is a removable upholstered seat, slipped or inserted into an open chair frame:

3 examples of upholstered slip seats

3 examples of upholstered slip seats – an ottoman, a side chair, and a dining chair

Dining Chair Upholstery Workshop:

Single Session:  (2.5 hours) – Bring Your Own Slip-Seat Dining Chair, Ottoman or Stool (see examples above). Lots of useful information is packed into this class!

  • Learn how to evaluate your chair’s frame condition and measure your seat for fabric and new padding.
  • Get a recommendation for any repair or refinishing options, if your chair needs help.
  • Observe a demonstration of the steps of deconstructing a simple slip seat, then practice on your own chair.
  • Get help with calculations to determine how much fabric & padding materials you will need to complete your project.
  • Learn the best techniques to attach padding and fabric to your seat’s plywood foundation.


Learn 4 essential tips that will help you achieve a professional-looking result:

  1. See examples of what can go wrong with a seat’s foundation – learn what signs to look for that indicate replacement and the best materials to use.
  2. Examine different ways to add comfort to an upholstered seat – learn which types of padding are used to create the unique look & feel you want for your seat.
  3. Find out the key to avoiding a lopsided seat.
  4. Learn what upholstery tools are available and how to use them to make your restoration job much easier.


Student Discount: A wide range of fabric & high quality padding materials are available to participants at a special discount.

pair of chrome bar stools with upholstered seats

These bar stool seats are slip-seat style, with an extra ring section below the seat covered in the same fabric


Want to learn some fun and creative ways to decorate your chair’s frame to go with your newly upholstered seat? Check out the Chair Upcycling Workshop

Dining Chair Upholstery Workshop

Instructor: Carla Pyle
Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013  5:30-8:00 pm
Where: Carla Pyle’s Livingston Studio

Questions? call Carla at 406.223.3834

Class Fee: Single participant: $35 or Bring-a-Friend (two participants): $50
Registration deadline:
5 pm Friday, Oct 18, 2013

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