Slip Seat Chair Upholstery Workshop

colorful fabric-wrapped bentwood chair

Learn quick & easy techniques to re-upholster your old tired chair seats like a pro!

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colorful fabric-wrapped bentwood chai

Before & After UPcycled chairs with newly upholstered slip seats

colorful fabric-wrapped bentwood chair

Shabby chic chair looks better in pink!

Find out the tips & tricks that will help you get a neat, clean finish AND a comfortable seat.

Before & After: old chair transformed with new black paint & silver upholstery

What is a slip seat? A slip seat is a removable upholstered seat, slipped or inserted into an open chair frame:

3 examples of upholstered slip seats

3 examples of upholstered slip seats – an ottoman, a side chair, and a dining chair

Dining Chair Upholstery Workshop:

Single Session:  (2.5 hours) – Bring Your Own Slip-Seat Chair, Ottoman or Stool (see examples above). Lots of useful information is packed into this class!

  • Learn how to evaluate your chair’s frame condition and measure your seat for fabric and new padding.
  • Get a recommendation for any repair or refinishing options, if your chair needs help.
  • Observe a demonstration of the steps of deconstructing a simple slip seat, then practice on your own chair.
  • Get help with calculations to determine how much fabric & padding materials you will need to complete your project.
  • Learn the best techniques to attach padding and fabric to your seat’s plywood foundation.


Learn 4 essential tips that will help you achieve a professional-looking result:

  1. See examples of what can go wrong with a seat’s foundation – learn what signs to look for that indicate replacement and the best materials to use.
  2. Examine different ways to add comfort to an upholstered seat – learn which types of padding are used to create the unique look & feel you want for your seat.
  3. Find out the key to avoiding a lopsided seat.
  4. Learn which tools work the best to make your restoration job much easier.
participants at work

Measuring a seat during a workshop

Student Discount: A wide range of fabric & quality padding materials is always available to students at a special discount.

pair of chrome bar stools with upholstered seats

These bar stool seats are slip-seat style, with an extra ring section below the seat covered in the same fabric

Slip Seat Chair Upholstery Workshop

Class size: 6
When: This class is currently being offered on request – get 3 friends together and we’ll make a date!
Where: Carla’s Livingston Studio
Workshop fee: Single participant: $35 or take advantage of the Bring-a-Friend discount (at $27 each) when you and a friend sign up together.

*** Important: Please read the Class Policies before registering for the class. Your registration signifies your agreement with all Class Policies. Call Carla at 406-223-3834 to register by phone or if you have any questions.

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