Dining Chair Upcycling Workshop

suitcase table & pet bed

Learn how to restyle an old dining chair to create a totally unique gift or add a fresh new look to your own home!

Up-cycle chairs for any occassion

DIY bride Robyn Parisi models an upcycled chair. Chieko Horn Photography (

Transform your tired old chair and bring new style into your home!

2 bentwood chairs wrapped in colorful fabric with orange velvet seats

Shabby chic chairs from one of our upcycling workshops

Ideas: wrap your chosen project in fabric or colored paper for a shabby chic look, or paint it pearly for an elegant accent, stamp it with flowers or apply a home-made stencil. See our Trash to Treasure idea board on Pinterest for more creative ideas.

Paint or decoupage transforms 2 chair backs into colorful functional place to hang things

Ideas from a ‘Get Hooked’ workshop: coat rack & jewelry display

Explore the creative possibilities in old photos, maps, newsprint or anything you love:

2 chairs with maps & comics applied

Thanks to & for these examples

Have ideas of your own? We’d love to see them! Post photos to our Facebook page to share your inspiration or ask any questions. Create a theme with photos or other mementos.

2 students gluing fabric remnants to a chair frame

Get new ideas for your one-of-a-kind design. An assortment of fabric, paper and paints will be provided to bring your creativity to life!

We provide:

  • glue
  • assorted fabric scraps & papers, some magazines & clippings
  • assorted stencils & stamps
  • scissors
  • vinyl gloves
  • paint & paint brushes

You Provide:

  • your chosen piece to transform, cleaned and ready for paint, paper & glue
  • anything that inspires you that can be glued to your project – paper, photographs, magazines, maps, fabric, lace!
  • wear clothes to get creatively messy in!
  • your own brilliant IDEAS!

Note: This class is offered in conjunction with selected events. Interested in scheduling a class for your event? Contact Carla.

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