Announcing ‘Build Your Throne’ Workshop

series of chairs ready for up-cycling

Join Us November 8, 2012 for our first fun-filled up-cycling workshop event in collaboration with HEAP Bozeman. We’ll be creating one-of-a-kind thrones from rescued chairs while learning to up-cycle and upholster. This duet of workshops consists of an up-cycling workshop and an upholstery basics workshop, simultaneously creating fanciful, up-cycled chair designs and remade, re-upholstered seats to match. The reunion of an up-cycled chair and its seat at the end of the workshop will complete each ‘throne’. (see the results of the workshop here)

Selected thrones will be available at the ‘tart‘ gallery in the Emerson during December. Proceeds will benefit HEAP Bozeman’s up-cycling and educational programs.

series of chairs ready for up-cycling

We’ll be working on 16 chairs in various stages of restoration in the November 8, 2012 workshop

Pictured above are the chairs we’ll be working on in the workshop, along with some chairs from other upcyclers that we are taking inspiration from.

Old chairs & upcycling inspiration to give them new life

Pair of wood chairs will get new upholstered seats & bright fabric collage – thanks to namedesign studio on Etsy for this inspiration

comic strip collage on chair

Great inspiration in this Bonanza chair with comic strip collage by Bombus

broken seat on rocking chair & inspiration for its renewal in burlap coffee bag

Locally donated burlap coffee bags will replace the broken cane seat on this rocking chair

This is the first in a series of Upholstery Arts workshops presented by Living Home Furniture. Each workshop will focus on bringing new life to old chairs. The events are intended to be community-minded, and a portion of proceeds will be donated to local organizations.

 In the spirit of community, we are seeking artists, crafters and UPcycle-conscious businesses interested in collaborating on a workshop in the series. Contact Us if you would like to use the reinventing of rescued chairs to showcase your craft, your artistic style, even your venue. Let’s have a party!

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