Bodacious Fabrics!

2 fabric samples

bo*da*cious: bold, remarkable, audacious, voluptuous…

What pops into your head when you think of bodacious fabrics? For me, it’s color with curves, like this awesome vintage paisley print I picked up at a thrift store.


LOVE pink & orange together!

Barrel chairs with a serene neutral exterior swivel to reveal a decidedly vivacious spirit inside.

Pink /Taupe barrel chairs

A lively fabric mix from Osborne & Little

Here’s a large-print floral that’s bright and airy.

Retro Foral Curves Fabric
Great use of large and small-scale prints and solids playing off each other. Would you use any of these colors or patterns to liven up your space?

sunlit window seat

Bodacious fabrics dress up a window seat (Osborne & Little)

I would describe this antique french print from 1897 as elegant and peaceful, yet it still has a very toned down element of ‘bodacious’ for me.

yellow, white & green fabric

Felix Aubert’s ‘Iris d’Eau’ fabric

Another color combo I love – Turquoise and Pink!

Seafoam sofa with pink

Turquoise sofa is jazzed up with its pink compliment and silver (Osborne & Little)

What’s your idea of Bodacious? Do you love the idea of going bold with your decor? Do you hesitate because you’ve always taken refuge in the safety of neutrals and are not sure how to fit ‘bodacious’ into your space?

We explore specific exercises that will help you find your own creative voice with fabrics (whether it’s bold or subdued) in my online class, ‘Bodacious Box Cushions! Learn how to sew a boxed and corded cushion with style!

bolts of fabric stacked to the ceiling

New York City shopping spree!

Explore your adventurous side.

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