Mid-Century Kuehne Khrome Dinette Chairs

This pair of restored ‘Cosmopolitan’ chrome dinette chairs comes strait out of the ‘Jetsons’ era, defined by unique sweeping curves on the back and frame.

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CarlaHey there! I'm Carla Pyle. I love the stories that our furniture tells. For me a picture of my Granddaddy Milton's green upholstered arm chair brings to mind the vivid rhymes & colors of 'The Cat in the Hat' and his soft low voice in the telling. I love too that there is always an element of nature in furniture - the warm-toned curving grain of a walnut leg or the reflection of life in a mid-century chrome piece. The best part of teaching & sharing natural upholstery is that it ties all of these things together. Stories - of individual experience and of the planet - help us build happy & healthy homes.View all posts by Carla →

  1. Denise PadillaDenise Padilla07-22-2011

    I have Kuehne Khrome dinette set with 4chairs all original upholstery with matching table. Yellow with black trim around top of chair. Has two leafs also. Could you help me get an idea of its worth?

  2. CarlaCarla07-25-2011

    Denise, your full Khuene Khrome vintage dinette set with original upholstery sounds nice! However, it is difficult to place a universal value on something like this, since the market will be different depending on where you are. I’m guessing it will be worth quite a bit more in Florida or LA as opposed to Montana. That said, I can attest that these chairs were built to last, and I imagine the table is the same. The chairs we restored have new, comfortable foam in the seat and are covered with a high-end Crypton fabric made for high traffic (hotel & restaurant) use. I wish I could give you a better idea on your set, but I know that having the original upholstery may significantly increase its value for collectors. I suggest talking to a antique dealer in your area to get a more accurate estimate. I would love to hear what you find out. Thanks for asking, and good luck!

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