Child’s Rocking Chair

Baby Rocker

Goldilocks would no doubt find this sweet little rocker ‘juuust right’ – the perfect size (22h x 17d x 20w) for a child’s delight.

childs rocker - diagonal view

Perfect size to furnish your child’s playhouse

front view kids rocker

side view child-size rocking chair

Vintage red upholstery fabric brings new life to this old favorite

kitty in red rocker

Pets love it too!

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CarlaHey there! I'm Carla Pyle. I love the stories that our furniture tells. For me a picture of my Granddaddy Milton's green upholstered arm chair brings to mind the vivid rhymes & colors of 'The Cat in the Hat' and his soft low voice in the telling. I love too that there is always an element of nature in furniture - the warm-toned curving grain of a walnut leg or the reflection of life in a mid-century chrome piece. The best part of teaching & sharing natural upholstery is that it ties all of these things together. Stories - of individual experience and of the planet - help us build happy & healthy homes.View all posts by Carla →

  1. MarilynMarilyn01-16-2014

    Hi Carla,

    Wow! I love your child’s rocking chair: #1 red is my favorite color; #2 it has a beautiful design on the material; #3 the wood on the rocker has a beautiful natural look; #4 you can’t beat a cute kitty on top. It looks just like a “grown-up” chair but fitted for a child. It would look beautiful in any environment. Thanks for sharing this. Also, good luck with your upholstery classes. Having classes online is awesome. Thanks again.

  2. CarlaCarla01-18-2014

    Thanks Marilyn, for your kind and enthusiastic comments!

  3. Nicole HargroveNicole Hargrove07-30-2014

    Hi, I was wondering how much you sold this chair for. I have a little one with the exact same legs! On a fun note – on the bottom of the rocker rail it says Christmas 1942:)

  4. CarlaCarla08-06-2014

    Hi Nicole,

    How fun! Maybe this one is the same date as yours, though I didn’t find a date on it. This chair is actually still available, priced at $365. Reupolstering it was almost as involved as re-covering a full sized chair, though on a smaller scale of course. We also added the curve to the top seat-back rail to give it a ‘softer’ look. I’d love to see a photo of yours if you have one (I think you can just post it here in the comments).

    Thanks for sharing!

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