Basic Upholstery Class

4 images of student working with upholstery tools

Learn Upholstery!

Basic Upholstery 1-4 hour Class

4 images of student working with upholstery tools

Students learn to work with basic upholstery tools to create a clean, professional look

Your home is your comfort zone, and your furniture reflects this quality and so much more…
… your taste, your style, your inspiration, and your creativity!

This 1-4 hour class is currently offered on a demand basis. First bring your project to the Intro to Upholstery – Discovery Class to get a class recommendation, or to get ‘un-stuck’ on a DIY project you are working on or would like to get started on but aren’t sure where to begin.

What you will learn:
Once you have completed the Discovery Class, and have the fabric & materials you need to begin your project, this class will provide step-by-step guidance as you make progress at your own pace. You will receive hands-on personalized instruction from‘ Upholstery Stylist’ Carla Pyle. You will learn basic upholstery skills based on where you are with your project, from deconstruction (old upholstery removal), to patterning, new fabric preparation, re-upholstery and completion.

We provide:

  • studio tools to fit whatever stage you happen to be on your project
  • expert guidance as you work at your own pace
  • a bright, fun and supportive work space
  • convenient access to purchase our high quality upholstery padding as needed on your project
  • a 15% student discount on all tools & materials offered through our studio

You provide:

Nothing beats the satisfaction and fun of re-creating a piece in your own unique style and making new friends in the process!

removing dirt with a clean rag

Dani cleans the wood after removing the chair's seat

Select a time that is convenient for you.

This is a great class to take with a friend – you each learn twice as much because each person’s project is unique!

Choose 1-4 hour time slot to be scheduled on any day within a designated Single or Multi-Day Workshop segment.
Class fee: $20/hr + materials
Class size: 1 or 2

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CarlaHey there! I'm Carla Pyle. I love the stories that our furniture tells. For me a picture of my Granddaddy Milton's green upholstered arm chair brings to mind the vivid rhymes & colors of 'The Cat in the Hat' and his soft low voice in the telling. I love too that there is always an element of nature in furniture - the warm-toned curving grain of a walnut leg or the reflection of life in a mid-century chrome piece. The best part of teaching & sharing natural upholstery is that it ties all of these things together. Stories - of individual experience and of the planet - help us build happy & healthy homes.View all posts by Carla →

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