Adrian Pearsall Gondola Sofa?

image of gold colored sofa

A friend recently sent me this photo of a fabulous Adrian Pearsall Gondola sofa:

image of gold colored sofa

A beautiful example of a Craft Associates mid-century sofa with original upholstery

Fast forward to July 2015: She contacted me and says she is still in love with her sofa. “As for selling her… way!”

Here’s another example of an Adrian Pearsall design with very similar styling and shape.

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  1. John B BurnsJohn B Burns05-31-2011

    I recently had my Adrian Pearsall 2408-S sofa recovered with an original fabric
    design at a state prison. The work was spectacular! At a fraction of what it would of cost at a professional. If you can wait a couple of months. I highly recommend it!

  2. lhflhf06-07-2011

    This sounds like an interesting resource if you have a prison nearby, and you’re willing to wait. I’d be interested to hear about the transaction – did you supply the fabric and take it in to get it done? I assume you mean it was an original Adrian Pearsall fabric?

  3. Dave AyersDave Ayers03-31-2012

    Hi, As to your Gondola Sofa, I have one just like this in green along with the chair and ottoman. I contacted Jim Pearsall to get more information and he tells me this sofa is not his Father’s design nor did he ever make tufted pillow or straight legs. I’m now at a lost to who really made these?? Were did your info come from as to maker? Thanks, Dave

  4. CarlaCarla04-01-2012

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your informative comment. I think my friend was told by the furniture dealer that it was an Adrian Pearsall, and since the shape bears resemblance to the AP gondola sofas, I took it as a real possibility, and unfortunately did not check with the obvious source before labeling it as such. I appreciate your taking the time to share the results of your own thoughtful research.

  5. Dave AyersDave Ayers04-02-2012

    WAIT!! It seems the Pearsall boys knew very little about thier Fathers Furniture. Wasn’t until recently did they start looking into thier fathers legacy. I found the same Sofa in a old ad from time and it shows this sofa with different legs. I think Lane Furniture experimented with Adrian Pearsalls designs and came uip with variations of the Gondola Sofa. If you would like a copy of picture email me at and I’ll send it ti you. Thanks!

  6. ChrisChris03-11-2014

    Exactly. The website is run by the children of Adrian Pearsall and they don’t know everything about their father’s furniture. They only really started looking when mid century modern furniture started taking off on ebay over the past few years. I would open up the bottom and see if there is a tag. It probably isn’t a Pearsall but I wouldn’t go by what his children say. They haven’t even catalogued very much of the furniture. Severall of Pearsall pieces I have are not even on their website.

  7. ChrisChris03-11-2014

    I also say the website says they will be cataloging the furniture, and to be patient, but there hasn’t been an update in over a year. Their online catalog is very incomplete.

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