52 Artists – #1: Andres Amador

Beach Art by Andres Amador - Earthscape Artist

I thought it appropriate to begin with the artist responsible for the title image for the 52 Artists Project.

Andres Amador, earthscape artist, creates and shares his amazing beach art

Andres Amador Beach Art

Earthscape Artist Andres Amador of California creates amazing designs on the beach, inspiring others with geometric shapes and organic forms.

The thing that gives me joy: it creates its own motivation and inspiration that just is upward lifting, and I’ve seen that others respond to that and they want to share in it. It’s so cool and so much fun, especially with people who act as though they can’t draw anything, and then they’re so excited… doing something that resonates with people across cultures and ages. That feels really good.
– Andres Amador

Beach Art by Andres Amador - Earthscape Artist

Ephemeral art has a way of anchoring you in the present

I love that there are layers of understanding in ephemeral art that no other art can express, inviting consideration of what’s on the surface and how it’s evolution will unfold… The image may not be there tomorrow, but it will forever change that particular place for everyone who sees it.

See Andres’ collaborative workshops with Lawrence Kampf here.

Totally coincidentally, this beach art recently appeared in my own neighborhood along the Yellowstone River in Livingston, Montana:

beach art on the yellowstone river

Love Is All You Need

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